5 Free Videos Added to Drupal 8 Prep, and a Bit on BuildAModule Trainings at BADCamp!

BADCamp Training (Oct 24 and 25) is Full!

We've maxed out at 240 students for our two days of training at BADCamp this year. That's a lot of people! There are also some really cool Summits happening on those same days that are definitely worth checking out. Hop over to the BADCamp site for more information and full details about all the other ongoings during this week's festivities.

For those of you attending the training, here's a sneak peak at the awesome people who will be acting as your mentors for Drupal Immersion. We're looking forward to seeing all of you there!

5 NEW videos added in "Drupal 8 Developer Prep"

(FREE!) How to add a page programmatically with a module - 6:16

This video introduces a technique that is pretty different in Drupal 8. To add a page, we'll end up touching a new routing system, adding a custom controller class, and adding a hook_menu() function that works a little different than the hook_menu() you might be familiar with.

(FREE!) A brief comparison to adding a page programmatically in Drupal 7 - 1:02

For those who are unfamiliar with how adding pages worked in Drupal 7, we do a brief comparison of the code needed to add a page in 7 versus adding one in Drupal 8.

(FREE!) Reviewing the code in our Controller class file - 2:05

Now that we've got a fully functioning module, we step back through our code and take a look at what's going on. We start with the controller class, were we connect our data with the way to display the data. At first, this structure might look a little strange, but after we spend a little time with OOP, you'll start to recognize why we've organized the code this way.

(FREE!) Reviewing the code in our routing.yml file - 2:51

The next part of our code we explore is our routing file, which uses the same YAML format as our .info.yaml file. At first glance, this routing configuration file might look as foreign as our controller class, but when we come back to this after exploring the role of a router in Symfony, this will make a lot more sense.

(FREE!) Reviewing our hook_menu() code - 1:27

In Drupal 8, the hook_menu() hook has changed roles quite a bit to share some of the load with the routing.yml file. In this video we look at exactly how this role has changed and what the future holds for hook_menu().


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