10 New Videos on Panels (and Context) at BuildAModule

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10 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

(FREE!) How to use a custom formatter in a view and on the user profile page - 2:15

Now that we have our custom formatter, we go crazy with it by leveraging it not only in our view, but also in our user profile page. Eventually we'll use it in another view and Panels, clearly demonstrating the power of re-using formatters.

(FREE!) Why using custom formatters is a good idea, and possible exceptions - 1:38

In general, custom formatters are awesome, and you can standardize on using them. Sometimes, though, it makes sense to build one off formatting with Views or Panels. In this video we explain why.

Positioning our "About the author" block using the Context module - 2:27

Now that we have our block, we can put it in it's place using the handy Context module.

How to install and configure the Admin module to work alongside other administrative modules - 2:03

In this video we install the Admin module, explain why it appears to do nothing at first, and drop some configuration that exposes its glory.

The difference between using Admin and Administration Menu for navigating the menu system - 0:44

Admin and Administration menu both provide ways to navigate the menu, but they approach it differently. In this short vid, we talk about the advantages to each (though you can also use them both).

How to use Admin's Context Editor to position blocks from multiple contexts with drag-and-drop - 1:57

After watching this video, you're going to wonder why we did things the hard way earlier. You remember Karate Kid? There's always a reason, Daniel-san.

Overview of our next steps including re-creating our "About the author" block with Panels - 1:07

Here we talk about what the next batch of tasks at hand, including using Panels to duplicate what we just built in Views.

How to use selection rules in Panels to use variant on a single node type - 1:10

Up until this point we've been using a single variant that applies to all node types. But, that wasn't our intention so we modify our Panel page to use a selection rules (similar to 'conditions' in the Context module) to use it only on certain pages.

How to add a second panel page variant with selection rules as part of the wizard - 2:16

In this video we add a second variant to our node panel so we can add multiple content panes to our blog entry pages.

How to rewrite a panel pane to display the author name in heading tags - 2:27

Here we do a little rewriting in a panel pane to do something we've done before - to heading-ify some plain old text.

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