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10 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

Making another backup (Backup 5) - 1:26

Before we get too much further, let's take a quick break and capture our work in a backup. Whew! Okay, now we can can keep going in confidence.

(FREE!) The limitations of the default blocks listing page and what the Context module does - 2:03

Anyone who's worked on a large scale Drupal project has felt the frustration of the default blocks system in Drupal. The blocks listing page is one of those places where the blocks system breaks down pretty fast. If you haven't sailed that ship before, then here we give you a preview of coming attractions and explain how the Context module helps out.

Overview of the modules that come in the Context package and installing Context - 1:25

Context is a bundle of a few modules, in this video we explain what they are and which ones we're going to use throughout this series.

(FREE!) How the Context module works and how to create a context - 4:00

Now that you've got a bit of background with the Context module, we explain the details of creating a context, and what a context is actually made of. Understanding the concepts here will also prove useful as we get into Panels, which has it's own very similar contextual system.

Why it might make sense to use Context for positioning all blocks - 1:04

Once you start using Context, the next logical step might be to standardize on it, and in this video we explain why.

How to use Context instead of the default blocks configuration page - 5:34

In this video we switch over from using the default blocks listings tool to using Context to position our blocks. From here on out in this series we'll be using Context for positioning our blocks, but for simpler projects or for projects using Panels exclusively, this might not be necessary.

Creating a backup before diving into Panels (Backup 6) - 0:36

Panels is coming up, but because there's a lot of configuration involved that can be inadvertently borked, we're doing a quick backup.

Why we're looking at so many ways of doing the same thing - 1:11

Man, it seems like we're just doing the same thing over and over, but this is the perfect opportunity to see where the different layout-oriented modules overlap in functionality. So while our site is developing slowly, you'll be able to dive right into your next project knowing exactly what tools you have at your fingertips and it will go much faster.

About your responsibilities as a site builder, and thinking in terms of boxes - 2:54

Now that you have a taste of what it's like to be a site builder, we take a step back and look at another way of describing what you're doing that might help you both get a sense of the depth of your work and the edges that define it.

Why Panels is so powerful and potentially intimidating - 1:17

The Panels module brings together configuration that's typically scattered throughout Drupal into a single interface. This makes it both powerful and novel and complicated. Once you play with Panels a bit, it will quickly become second nature, but in this video we explain why it's just fine to feel overwhelmed initially.

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