10 new videos on comparing site buildings tools in Drupal, and a bit about hearing me speak at DrupalCon

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10 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

How to rebuild our product-based view to use fields - 2:16

In this video we alter our second view using fields, and wrap up the process of exploring numerous ways to create a single product-based block (whew!).

Backing up our work (Backup 9) - 0:32

Another quick backup (or restore) before we plunge forward!

(FREE!) Where Panels, Views, Display Suite and Context overlap in functionality - 2:25

Now that we've gone fairly deep into the heavy hitters of content display, we talk about where we've seen them overlap in functionality.

Overview of options for displaying blocks in sidebars (Panels, Views, Display Suite, Context) - 5:22

One of problems we've needed to solve in this series is how to get specific content into the sidebar of the site. We've tackled the problem using Panels, Views, Display Suite and Context, and in this video we do a quick wrap-up of the the approaches we've taken as well as some final suggestions for best practices.

How to use Mini-Panels to create one block that includes all our global blocks - 3:23

Mini-panels gives us a way to group together multiple blocks (and other content) into a single block. This gives us a way to bundle together our globally-visible blocks so we can reuse the layout in Panels and non-panels pages. In this video we group together a few blocks to give us what we need.

How to position a Mini-Panel block using the Context module - 2:00

In this video we position our mini-panel block using Context. Nothing new here, but it gets us to the next steps.

(FREE!) How and why to hide PHP errors with the "Logging and errors" settings - 2:24

At this point in the series we run into a situation where we're seeing multiple PHP errors on the screen. What do we do if we can only fix the errors by applying a patch and we're not yet comfortable with patching? One option is hiding the errors, something we'd definitely want to do on a live site, anyway. In this video we talk about when you might want to hide errors, and other ways to get the same information.

How to disable a view and removing blocks using Context - 1:30

In this video we disable one of the two views we've build and clean up after our mini-panel by hiding duplicate blocks.

Why ordering blocks across multiple contexts is tricky, and what we're about to do - 1:35

What happens when we want to change the position of blocks that span over several contexts? In this video we talk about the two different approaches we'll take an why we're applying the more challenging method first.

How we will approach creating an exception for a site-wide context - 2:33

As part of the process of re-positioning our site-wide blocks, we'll need to add an exception to our site-wide context, which is what we talk about in this video.

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