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I'm going to be speaking at DrupalCamp Phoenix. If you're able to make a spontaneous call on what you do this weekend, consider joining me! There's a bunch of awesome sessions, some of the camp will be outside, and if it's anything like last year's, it will be beautiful weather with a bunch of great people.

And finally, 10 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

(FREE!) How to determine when to split up content into two content types - 1:56

Sometimes it can be tricky figuring out how to split up content into various fields and content types. In this video we address why this is so tricky, and lay down some good rules to help you figure out the best route to take based on your project.

(FREE!) How to set sane default publishing settings for a content type - 3:43

In our previous site building series (Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site) we talk a bit about publishing options, but in this video we give you condensed overview of how to reasonably set these in a way that makes sense both for development and for when you go live.

Why you would want to share existing fields between content types - 1:36

When you add a field to a content type, do you use an existing field if you can, or create a new one each time? In this video we talk about the reasons to use each approach and the advantages of sharing fields between content types.

How to set up an image field and why to use individual folders for media fields - 4:35

There's a whole slew of options when we add an image field to our content type, and in this video we discuss the role of each setting and why we might want to set up individual directories for each instance of an image field.

How to choose a good, basic URL scheme and adding our first product - 3:05

We're not going to set up our URL rewrite rules just yet, but as we go through the process of adding our first node, it's clear that we'll need to address that at some point. Here we talk briefly about basic SEO strategy and paths, but this is something we'll be diving into deeper in future videos.

About the special role of the first created user (user 1) - 1:26

When we installed Drupal initially, it set us up with the the first user. This user - lovingly called 'user 1' among Drupal veterans - has some special powers. In this video we talk about these and why it makes sense to use a separate, less powerful account when performing tasks on your site that don't need superpowers.

Setting up our "review" content type - 1:39

Our next logical step in building out our site is to set up the "review" content type, and in this video that's exactly what we do.

How to install module depencies and installing the Entity Reference module - 2:39

To set up an entity reference field, we'll need a few modules. Through Drush we can install and enable all these modules in one fell swoop, so in this video we talk about the advantages of going that route, but also show you what you need to get the modules set up without Drush.

The difference between a field and a field instance, and setting up an entity reference field - 2:19

During the process of setting up our entity reference field, it looks like we have to choose the same settings in two different forms. What gives? We explain why this seemingly redundant process makes sense in this video.

About the Fivestar and Voting API modules - 1:44

To complete the build out of our review content type, we're going to need some stars. In this video, we talk about the Voting API, which provides a foundation for numerous voting modules, and the Fivestar module, which is going to give us our beautiful 10-star rating system.

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