About BuildAModule. Who does it and why?

BuildAModule is an extensive and ever-growing library of video tutorials for Drupal. It covers a broad range of topics aimed at both "site builders" (no coding) and developers. As the name suggests, the site began with a strong focus on PHP developers who needed to learn how to develop on top of Drupal. Over time, as there were more and more requests for more basic, non-coding tutorials, videos were added to allow a non-developer to build a fully functioning Drupal site from start to finish. Drupal is powerful enough to create a rich, customized site without ever looking at the code, so it made a lot of sense to add this kind of material to the library.

There are over 2240 videos in the library, adding up to more than 121 hours of material. And the videos are good. They're clear enough that viewers get concepts quickly and enjoy the experience (scroll down to see a hundred or so examples), they're concise enough that watching a single video is always a reasonable commitment, and they're organized well enough so that even after a viewer has watched through the entire library, they can easily use it for reference and review.

BuildAModule has been around for over four years now, and has a loyal customer base. New material is being added all the time, which encourages naturally-paced ongoing learning. The videos are being used by major educational instituations, web development shops, and by training companies. Freelancers and those preparing for the leap into a Drupal-based occupation are using them to get up to speed.

The BuildAModule site provides a rich interface for working through the videos. It tracks completed videos, allows you to generate playlists, and puts the entire library on a single page so it's easy to navigate through the library. It's improving all the time with suggestions from viewers.

About the creator

Chris Shattuck

Hi there! My name is Chris Shattuck, and I'm the creator of the videos on BuildAModule. I'm the voice in the videos, and before I had a team I did much everything else around BuildAModule in terms of designing and developing the web site, dealing with infrastucture and managing customer and partner relationships. I mention this because probably my most important credential in teaching is my track record in learning. I'm always looking for ways to improve my own methods of learning and practicing the skills needed to do everything that's required to live a life I consider fulfilling. It just so happens that one of the best ways to learn is to teach. Not just say what you know, but to fully complete the hand-off of knowledge from your head into someone else's hands.

BuildAModule is a project that is pretty much been my best case scenario for learning. I adopted a business model around what I do here in order to free me up to really focus on it completely. If you imagine trying to build a site like BuildAModule, develop the videos, improve your skills as a trainer and market it alongside a regular job, you'll understand why I went this route.

I didn't really understand the power of video when I first started working on BuildAModule. It made sense from a product point of view, since video provides a nice parallel to other types of learning products like books, but after watching friends, associates and people of all nationalities and experience levels working through the videos and 'getting it', I've realized that there's something really interesting going on here, and I'm super excited to be a part of it.

You can learn a lot about me from just looking at the BuildAModule project. I love figuring out how to make things easier to use, I enjoy challenges that move me towards bigger goals and I get a lot of satisfaction from clear communication.

If you're still reading this, then here's a few other tidbits about me so you can put a bit of personality behind that voice:

  • I try to get the most out of my time. I work on a Treadmill Desk every day as one method of doing this. Sometimes I even record videos while I'm standing on the treadmill, and walk while I do post-production.
  • I have a family, and BuildAModule wouldn't exist if one of my highest aspirations wasn't to be as excellent a father as I can possibly be. This came into play way before I actually was one.
  • I ran a one-person web shop full time for 8 years before launching BuildAModule
  • I switched to doing web development full time after getting my first gig in Big Sur, CA, doing a web site for a local art gallery. I was living and working at a campground at the time and have some great stories from that.

If you're wondering about my credentials for teaching Drupal in particular, I've been working full time in Drupal for the last 3 years. I've rolled out some pretty interesting sites, I've talked at many Drupal events, I conducted a Drupalcon training, contributed a ton of documentation, and if you chat with anyone who knows me in the community, you'll likely get the sense that I'm pretty involved and committed.

I just want to say thanks for being here. Even if you don't become a customer (no pressure ;-) ), I appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit more about what's going on here. I think the project is helping to forge some new territory for training in general, and that should just keep getting better over time.


Viewer Recommendations

People contact us in a variety of ways to let us know what they think about BuildAModule. It might help you get a sense of the what people are getting out of the experience.

"Chris has put together some of the best Drupal training material I've seen to date. I run a Drupal shop, and several of my developers have used BuildAModule to get up to speed with working in Drupal 7. From what I've heard, they found the experience extremely valuable, and what's great for us as a team is that they can always go back and review material when they're tackling a particular problem. And the fact that new material is always getting added to the site means that in essence we have a super affordable ongoing education program for our team.

I've known Chris for a while and I'm impressed in general with his contributions to the Drupal community. But he's really hit it out of the park with BuildAModule. I forsee this site becoming a staple resource for any serious Drupal developer for years to come." - Glenn Hilton, ImageX Media

"Very clearly explained. I'm enjoying this series."

"BuildAModule.com was instrumental in the launch of San Angelo LIVE!, which covers every event upcoming in San Angelo, Tx. BAM accelerated my ability to use JQuery effectively and was instrumental in the development of the GMap Events Module, which powers the events listings on the site." - Joe Hyde, Developer San Angelo LIVE! in San Angelo, Tx"

"Impressive!!! can't wait to go to next level!!!"

"Hi Chis. I subscribed last week and have been flying through the Build your First Drupal Website videos. All caught up in fact. They are very well done. Many 'ah-ha' moments in there. You explain with ease and clarity concepts that were not at all clear in all the Drupal 7 books I've read. Anxiously awaiting the rest of the series. Posting soon I hope? Keep up the excellent work. The quality of your instruction is an order of magnitude better than anything else on the web and I believe I've seen most of it."

"Wonderful tutorial! Can't wait to get full access. Explains things where everyone understands. Some people explain as if one is already aware of what's being taught. WIth my limited knowledge of php, I now understand what it is for something to be pre-processed in drupal."

"Nice tutorial. I loved it...."

"Very nice . I like to calm voice and information. Very very good!"

"REALLY helpful and insightful info in this one!"

"And once again - thank you for the work you have put into your videos. I'll recommend this without any seconds thoughts.p"

"Cool, this will help me a lot!"

"Great site by the way, and more importantly, excellent videos."

"It seems to me that after running through the 12 lessons I have just enough knowledge to build a relatively decent interactive site using Drupal and that's pretty cool. Have a great weekend and thanks again."

"Dude I have been with Lynda.com for nearly ten years.... also know her personally and she would be impressed. NICE!"

"I did review a few of your video's and they of great quality. Simplistic in tone but direct in nature. Again nice work."

"This is Wonderful --- Exactly what I needed. Working with other CMS software, there is always the best way to build pages and a correct order to follow. The books seem to jump around a lot to where you find your self in an area you don't need to be yet. It's wonderful to know where to start!"

"wow very impressive"

"Very good quality so far - keep it coming!"

"I figured a lot of Drupal out on my own, but your video series is an excellent way to fill in the gaps and has saved me a lot of time. I've never taken a video course before. In fact, I've never taken any computer course of any sort before other than working my way through paper tutorials from time to time when I wanted a more complete overview than jumping into the software and using it for what I needed to do gave me. Anyway, your video tutorials are admirable work. I started out with the core concepts series and found it very clear but realized that I should probably get more of an overview of Drupal before jumping into that series, so I switched to the excellent build your first site tutorial.. And I feel like you're teaching me what I really need to know and supercharging my learning curve."

"this media site is exceptional. thanks for all you do. peace, ryan"

"Just what I was looking for. Thanks !"

"I really appreciate your faithful responses to my emails. Yes surely, the package arrived today and I'll be watching and digesting your lectures in the next couple of months. I might buy another Drupal Video series of yours soon to learn the many techniques you have been sharing. I'm really satisfied with quality of your lectures and service."

"Keep up the great work... your explanations of Drupal processes have inspired me to try many things on my own."

"Excellent explanation, clear and concise. I will go to the second video to learn more. Good work!!"

"All good"

"Informative, well-structured and just easy to understand, even for a Dane ;-)"

"I really like your videos and I'm very eager to jump into it as soon as it arrives."

"After doing a lot of searching through the web [several providers mentioned here] I can say that these are the most comprehensive collection of videos, they are very well thought out and they represent a great value!"

"I'm loving it so far."

"Thanks so much, buddy. I really like the work you are doing and want to let you know that it really goes a long way in helping Drupal reach more developers. I am truly amazed by the possibilities of what Drupal does, and am happy to attend this school of yours. I seriously feel like your website is going to go a long-long way, and this is just the beginning."

"First I love the entire video series you've produced. The videos are clear, concise and obviously well thought out and produced. I don't think I've come across anything of such great quality for this type of things. It was money very well spent on my part!"

"Many thanks for the terrific video series on Drupal 7 - your excellent videos are simply the best source of training and information on Drupal in existence!"

"Thank you...Thank you......I am looking for a job and i have to learn Drupal development to get a certain position. so you are being the best to me right now. Thank you again"

"Build a module is the best learning tool out there for drupal theming and module development training. Prior to discovering build a module, I had worked with Drupal for over a year. I learned more in one month with build a module than I had in the whole year using other online tutorials and self help books! Chris Shattuck does a fantastic job conveying the material in a clear and concise manner (plus, the music is catchy). I would highly recommend build a module to anyone who wants to know how to unlock the full potential of drupal. This video series is a must have for any drupal library. - John Bisignano"

"Fabulous site you've put together. I'd learned the basics of Drupal 6 from Lynda.com and a number of free tutorial sites available elsewhere on the net, but from what I've seen to this point, you've really found the sweet spot, providing videos that are well suited for those of us who'd like to understand what's going on beneath the hood, yet you've managed to steer clear of becoming so technical as to exclude beginning or early-intermediate users from your audience."

"Nice, very detailed!!!"

"Easy voice to listen to. Looking forward to viewing some more."

"first video I watched - so far, so good, I'm interested in more"

"Looking good, very professional.."

"Very helpful"

"Really nice for me, non developer."

"First of all, outstanding products! Great work."

"Many thanks for the terrific video series on Drupal 7 - your excellent videos are simply the best source of training and information on Drupal in existence!"

"After paying around with a Drupal demo this morning, the interface makes more sense to me than any of the other CMS's I've used - I definitely want to follow that path, and I believe your video tutorials will get me there quickly."

"Your comment on drupal.org about the Site Builder's Toolkit is what brought me here . . . your site looks and feels FANTASTIC!"

"Firstly, let me say that I am finding your videos extremely helpful. It's always difficult at first to get into something new but your videos are really helping me find my way in. Are you a brilliant all-rounder (development, Business skills, presentation skills etc.) or do you have a team behind you?"

"By the way, I'm using this code for"real"work. I like the code in the"examples"module, too, but yours is the first place I look for code snippets. Thanks."

"this is great!! this is what i want!! thanks a lot"

"Perfect!!!! u are amazing"

"Great! Keep it going. You've got a great drupal learning place."

"Thank again for what looks like some great training."

"great primer for upcoming job!"

"I have been trying to get the hang of Drupal for over a year without much luck (full disclosure: I am an accountant...no programming background). These lessons have been by far the best Drupal resource I've come across. Many Thanks!"

"You guys are the best"

"Thank you very much for your support and for the excellent videos you produce."

"Thank you so much!"

"I bought the Drupal 7 Development - Core Concepts Download (HD). It is great, really .... In any case, great job. Finished this course I'm positive I'll get the theme pack too. Keep this way. You rock."

"This site is a really great resource for the beginner Drupal module builder - those concepts that can be so frustrating at first, are explained really clearly. Once those foundations are in place, the curve is so much shallower. I bought a membership within minutes of finding this site. Congratulations, and thanks."

"I wanted to swing by and congratulate Chris on a great job with the D7 series. I'm a professional Drupal developer and this is the best video instruction I've found. It really has saved me a lot of time I would have spent looking through the always incomplete d.o. docs not to mention the blogs. You are now my most trusted source. Chris you've done more for my progress in Drupal than any other source. Thank you!"

"Thanks for the enjoyable instructional work you have produced to date."

"I recently bought the download of your twelve drupal 7 core concepts videos. I am new to drupal and they are excellent. In fact they are the best tutorial videos I have ever used in the past ten years of teaching myself html and php and then joomla (I know, I was just experimenting.) and now drupal. They are clear, practical and well presented, thank you very much. I am already building my own modules and understand drupal much better. (Never using joomla again!!)" - Andrew Scullion

"Buildamodule.com is without comparison the most up-to-date learning portal for Drupal Development on the Internet. The videos are divided into easy digestible sizes, and the content and the quality is simply top notch. I'm so glad I came across this site and signed me as a subscriber, as it carries much of the credit for having taught me Drupal 7 Module Development and Drupal 7 Theming on an just as thorough level as the Drupal Bible (Pro Drupal 7 Development ) Thanks Chris & BuildAModule.com for this awesome Drupal-channel. I am looking forward to continuing to follow you." - Steffen Bilde, www.biso.dk

"great way to get started, very helpful. This is exactly what i need"


"enlighting, thanks!"

"Nice video, just found the site and already a fan. keep it up."

"I'm a really happy subscriber at buildamodule.com ... thanks for a great site, and keep on the good work. I'm really learning a lot."

"lucid and concise exposition so far!"

"Was Great... Thinking about buying"

"These videos are very nicely structured and presented and the content is excellent."

"This site is amazing I'm going to make a youtube video about how awesome this site is and its videos! Good job Mr. Shatttuck!"

"Also, I gave your a shoutout at our recent [city name] DUG meetup. Someone mentioned [other video provider], but I made the comment that your videos cover a better set of technical info for D7 with great short videos that are easier to take time to watch. I think I learned about you by word of mouth at DrupalCon Chicago. I was blown away when I saw your site.."

"First of all, thank you for your excellent tutorials, they have been very helpful."

"A co-worker and I are trying to get up to speed with these videos and she agrees with me that the quality of your work ... has been very good. I also love the fact you offer these as a download -- that was just what I was looking for. From what I've watched so far, these are a great value. Keep up the nice work."

"Thanks for the very prompt attention. It speaks volumes. You have made a customer very happy today."

"Awesome explanation."

"Well explained video that covers exactly what it promises"

"Saved me $29 worth of time because I forgot: return $schema; at the end of the hook. Learned something new with the schema module too."

"like it very much!"

"very clear and well made video!"



"Very nice thanks!"

"GOOD introduction"

"Much needed information, clearly presented."

"It's give the good knowledge"

"Nice intro, good refresh of why not to mess with the core :)"

"I like the directness of the instructor."

"Good, want more"

"Incredible work! Really well explained, easy to understand!"

"this rocks!"

"Have bought the D7 Core Concepts videos and find them an invaluable resource...Thanks for creating these!!"

"These look great! So this is where my learning will begin."


"GOOD introduction"

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"Great Introduction!"

"Excellent video, thank you very much."

"Looks interesting so far. And professional. I'm curious."

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"Hello, very good site, the best actually I have ever seen about Drupal learning. Very professional."

"Very nice tutorial .. exactly what i was looking for"

"this is great, very easy to follow and the visuals are very clear."

"First of all Chris u are a brilliant guy and its amazing you give this personal touch to your customers. WOW!"

"good video, easy step by step explanation"

"Cool. I like very much how you build this site and the video sequence."

"Very good. Clear explained. Thanks"

"A nice pace for those intermediate with Drupal."

"Seems great... Really thinking of subscribing!"

"I love buildamodule.com and often recommend it to people who are trying to learn more or are just starting out with Drupal 7 development."

"Good short steps, well explained."

"Well done. Nice voice. Organized, logical presentation."

"The website is great - I'm going to subscribe soon"

"Really really good..."


"Great video!"

"This is really helpful. I'm a beginner at form API so this helped a lot "

"Good voiceover (not too fast or slow, even and clear)."

":) very excited to run back home to see more of your awesome vids!"

"What can I tell you, it's excellent, I'm just eager to see the next video. This was perfect."

"This is great info so far. I have been developing Drupal sites for over a year and have very little programming experience. So far I have already learned so much about what these files do."

"Excellent, i really like it so far. This is excatly the tutorial i was hoping for"

"This series appears to really rock. Thanks for doing it!"

"I'm moving over from a Magento site which was hell to build and manage. I'm completely new to Drupal and this video got me incredibly excited to work with it. A fantastic video with clear teaching that was easy to understand. Consider me a subscriber."

"Great videos ! Much more interesting than what you can find on ******* or other so-called training websites ! Thanks a lot "

"Was a great start!"

"Nice work."

"I had before some difficulties to understand how Drupal work because the best books are in english and I'm not english or american , I'm a french and it's difficult for me to read entirely a Drupal book in another language than mine. Your videos are wonderful, because I'm improve both my english and my knowledge in Drupal "

"That was a great video tutorial! Loved it! I am not really a Drupal newbie, but I have tackled this particular topic of 'modifying the core vs building a module' with fellow developers. I especially loved the voice over, it was so easy on the ears and actually worth paying attention to!"

"Just wanted to express my gratitude. Subscribing to these tutorials has been the best investment in time and money that I've made this year! I've been practicing and following along your tutorials and and i'm feeling more and more like a Drupal expert."

"I'm very excited with my learning progress. Thank you Chris!"

"I like that the individual videos are so short, easy to tuck in a video when needing a break from other work."

"Well done on this site, looks great."

"Very good video and great ideas for starting drupal module developers."

"I'd say this is the most informative website i've been able to find on drupal."

"I was just wondering how to do that in a clean fashion way... Bravo ! "

"Perfect video seminar. Helped to solve a problem with downloading unmanaged files."

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"Thanks a lot Chris. I am really utilizing your tutorials and think they are very well made."

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"You guys are doing a FABULOUS job--quick, thorough explanations that are easy to understand! LOVE and THANKS!"

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"Very impressed with attention to detail so far - excited to see more!"

"Thanks! Easy for a neophyte to follow. "

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"I love your site"

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"This was a fantastic segment - especially the example showing how to use EntityFieldQuery() thank you! "

"Thanks !!! I love your videos !! You rock !!!"

"A very good explanation for people who just learned programming and are starting to get familiar with frameworks. Good arguments and points."

"Seems to be very logical and well built as a series!"

"Wow! "

"For the very beginner as i am, it`s pretty useful to see these basics."

"This was exceedingly clear "

"I am really impressed about the quality, the concept and I love the pronunciation which is perfectly understandable for foreign-language speaking people. You really did a great job and it's pure fun to discover drupal's mystery. Thanks a lot."

"You are now bookmarked and I hope there are many more videos to come."

"Keep these videos coming. This is great stuff."

"I am loving your videos and although you are a one man show I want to put more into your efforts because I think it's one of the best trainings for building modules out there."

"Wow! That sums it up for me. The challenge of go out and see what you can do at the end of the module file is a fantastic approach. I have been a trainer in a number of industries over the last 15 years and you hit it out of the park with this one so far. Really really well done."

"Hi! My colleague and I recently bought your video tutorials. We think they are very useful. We are always exploring different CMSs and frameworks. After being testing for a while we decide to adopt Drupal as our #1 choice for powerful website development. Your tutorials are going to help us to take full advantages of this platform "Thank you for take your time to create this project! By the way, this website looks fantastic and shows how good and powerful Drupal can be."

"Amazing ... omg - I've been working too long at trying to find the right resources... will be investigating your site more and possibly sign up :) Very very nice."

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"I've done video work and was a high-school computer science teacher for several years, and I'm impressed with your preparation, organization, thoroughness, pacing, and delivery."

"Again, the simplicity of the presentation is awesome. Ad hoc tutorials typically flitter off here and there, but the constant focus on pure knowledge (without "crowding" information) is great."

"By the way, your teaching method is really good. I think I've actually learned more in a couple nights on your site then searching through drupal forum posts for the last year..."


"Nice one!!!"

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"Dude you rock. Though I knew most of this info, the challenge section is an amazing tool. It's something that a book doesn't really do that the video method does! It speaks directly to the viewer and says now let's see what you learned. Great stuff."

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"Great video on adding a new node type with a module."

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"Great intro!!"

"Just received the D7 Core Concepts DVD in the mail last weekend. I have to tell you, the production quality and accuracy of your videos are second to none. Keep up the great work. Drupal rocks!"

"Thanks for the Resource pack, and thanks for making this set of great videos."

"Nice intro, thanks"

"I really like it."

"Your teaching style is very organized and clear. Thank you!!!"

"This is a great resource to the Drupal community, Chris! Thank you sooooo much for putting this together & making it affordable. As someone who's read many of your great blog posts, I know everything you share with us will be VERY useful."

"Perfect! Simple and clear."


"I'm looking forward this and watching it on my iPhone currently it's simply amazing thus far."

"The training videos totally bridge the gap between books and Internet resources. They enabled me to understand clearly what I had previously read in books and also gave me the basic knowledge about what I should search for on the Internet to get more help. After just 30 minutes I managed to build my first Drupal module with the basic functionality that it requires, and I am no expert at PHP programming."
- Kevin Carbonaro

"I go back to the DAYS OF DOS. I have had to learn and forget many programming languages. I was foolish enough to close down my ASP.NET websites before starting work on my Drupal site. Something about the high price of ASP.NET web services eating up my semi-retired income. Plus, I had already done a few minor PHP projects and how difficult could Drupal be?

I brought the Pro-Drupal Development book and digital version, great book and handy reference but finding your videos made the difference for me. Your videos made key points clear quickly. Being able to scroll back and forth in the lesson makes it a wonderful learning tool. Also, I like your choice of examples, which are more in line with my real-world needs than the book examples. You love to use the word easy and I find Drupal not so easy but I'll tell anyone who asks, you made Drupal a whole lot easier for me.

Your videos have been one of the best learning experiences that I have has since I entered Computer Land."
- Curtis Mosby, Jr.

"A nice, clean site which presents Drupal as it should be presented. The quality of the videos can only be matched by the price."
- Claes Svensson

"That was a really clear, and concise explanation. Not only did it give me all of the information I needed to use debugging to find a couple of problems in a module I'm developing, but I was able to use it as leverage to get my employer to purchase the Komodo IDE for me as well!"
- Mark Pruitt

"I think the PHP debugging video alone is worth the fee charged for the entire suite. Where you have an advantage is that you obviously know your stuff. And, from what I've seen you can present it well too."
- John Chaytor

"I think it will help new druplers to understand development, using hooks and a lot of security issues"
- Rahul Bile

"The simpletest video was brilliant! Very nice and clean site. The video's helped me already with some tasks I wasn't able to do in the past! Keep up the good work!"
- Tim Lievens

"It's very easy on the ears"
- Jay August

"I have logged into the site already. Watched part 1 and found it very illuminating. Attempting to write, or modify a module doesn't feel as intimidating now."
- Daniel Vacklen

"Your videos re-piqued my interest in test driven development. One of those "been on my to do list for 2 yrs sorts of things."
- Michael Samuelson

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