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Not sure why, but for some reason when I installed git and iterm (and smartgit) to start the git video series, my iterm colors were white on black and there was not red and green like that was displayed on Chris's terminal window.

Thanks to Chris running this command gave me the git colors..

git config --global color.ui true

Chris Shattuck
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Another user pointed out this

Another user pointed out this resource which helped them when they continued to have issues:

Chris, I ran into a problem where colors where not showing up for git(1) or ls(1) on my iTerm2. This solved it:!topic/iterm2-discuss/eMow1LBQPH0

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Terminal git color syntax

git config --global color.ui true
in Terminal colored git responses to match what I see in video. (not just for iTerm)

Syntax color was already working for php and other files; now git command responses are colored as well.

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